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Our History

Old Round Hill Cemetary, then
Old Round Hill Cemetary, now
Round Hill Chruch, called Hopewell

Round Hill Church, 1756 - present

The first settlers to come to southeastern York County were Scot-Irish Presbyterians who crossed the Susquehanna River as early as 1736. Having come to America, these hardy immigrants began to gather in private homes or outdoors to hold services. By 1756, the Round Hill congregation was holding Sabbath meetings near a spring at the site of the Old Round Hill Cemetery located between Cross Roads and Felton. Here the first church building, a log structure, was built in 1770.


In 1793 Robert Cathcart, who was born in Ireland, became the first installed pastor of Round Hill and Yorktowne. For forty years, Cathcart lived in York and rode twenty miles to Round Hill on horseback on alternate Sundays. He missed only one Sunday, due to illness. In 1790 fire destroyed the log church building and the congregation moved about two miles to its present location, where a second log building was erected. In 1813, Rev. Cathcart was instrumental in replacing this second log church with a brick building which stood for one hundred years.


In 1899, a building committee was formed to begin planning the present structure, owing to the efforts of Rev. Carl Ettlich, minister at Round Hill. The people responded liberally and willingly gave their time and labor in the digging of the foundation and the hauling of all the materials. Because of the enthusiasm of the congregation, the building rose, was completed, equipped, and dedicated on the 19th of December, 1901, clear of debt.


In 1999, after extensive renovations, the building was rededicated to the glory of God and the work of His Kingdom. May we truly appreciate the dedication of those who have served this congregation for over 260 years. Even more, may we use this heritage to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah! 

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